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A Scary Clown & A Hotdog: three zines in two reviews...

   by Deirdree Prudence Steven Hughes Purkey
Oh shit...there's old green bean! :)
Kind of a disgusting self-promotion bonanza but with really cool zines, these two digest-sized print atrocities are rad rad rad. & although you'll find MC Sunflower Jones in all three issues, we feel that these zines deserve all the credit in the galaxy of being fine assed publications. From Hell To Highwater Vol 2 Issues 5 & 6...& Ruin #5 - you'll be hardpressed to find some more enjoyable reading from two different universes. One, a perzine, the other a comp zine, they're both created by lovely gals who we def support & think you should, too! Forrealzies. Read on, indie baby crips, we'll give you the who, why, where's & how to get a copy as well! Ratings? Fuck ratings, just get these zines. Not because we're in them, but because they're swanky li'l gems that cannot be missed! & if you do miss these issues, there are more to come! Anyways, here's those reviews we promised!
Ruin #5/Double Chinchilla #10
Ruin #5
by Jolie Ruin 
$2 or Trade 
September 2014

Hailing from Somewhere, Indiana, Jolie has been on the scene for quite some time & her reputation outweighs her "ego." One of the nicest grrrls to work with, sweet like Sweet N Low, Jolie's a zine-making champion. What with so many zines out there - how can one pick or choose? Choose this one, fellow barhoppin' miscreants of the 3rd kind. Ruin is pretty much an interview zine, interviewing the likes of Jonas (Cheer the Eff Up)  & Ray Suburbia, this issue features noneother than us! She also goes on about wanting to create her zine publishing empire & it's the first time we've seen this but it's a - get this - split perzine, splitting pages with who? That's right - with Jolie, herself. She splits the zine in 2 halves, the second of which is all art from her other zine Double Chinchilla (#10). The contents range from cats to the bizarre to the grungy-cute basement tapes of a mad riot grrl gone grimey housewife... Jolie's art & creative output combine forces to be reckoned with. Her prolific publishing genteelness keeps us all on our toes & chomping at the bit for more more more! Get at her, tousle headed paper dolls, buy or trade...just complete the transaction, 'cause Jolie is rebel pink frosting on any zinesters library. And she makes pins, too. <3  <3 <3

From Hell To Highwater Vol. 2 Issue5
From Hell To Highwater Vol. 2 issues 5 & 6
Edited by Lisa Y. Méndez
$3? (we think...)

Our friend, the bike-riding sassy devil girly from San Diego, Lisa Y. Méndez is editor of these zines & what can we say 'cept From Hell To Highwater is a motherfucking radass comp zine, in #5 & #6 directly, despite the fact that we are in both of these issues... In particular we are struck by Lisa's choice picks of word & art from her ever-expanding grocery list of talented contributors. It's obvious that she knows what she likes & she knows her shit! Don't fuck around, dear hippies, this zine is serious business...while still honoring the DIY appeal of self-published subterranean tabloids & shit. Issue 5, complete with an interview of Alice Bag & poetry & comics & radically post-modern-psychedelic art of the gnarly kind in both b&w & color doesn't trail The Hometown Issue of #6 - a zine that really gives a nostalgic walk back to the early stomping grounds of contributors from Orange County to Oregon, Texas to New Jersey all the way to Brazil, home is where the hemp is, indeed. Pick up a copy of this zine & see what's happening with print culture in the 21st's kinda a mash-up of old school zinestering at its finest mixed with some of that newfangled computer program gizmo'd whatchamacallits that the kids are so crazy for these days. What with the layered text on translucent backgrounds & other cyborg tricks, yet this print-only zine looks like it was typed on a 1943 Royal Quiet de Luxe - just the way we like it. The hot pink staples don't hurt either... We're down with FHTH & will continue reading as long as they are being printed...speaking of which, issue number 7 shall be out in no time, considering the deadline is in like 5 days, blind melons of the zombie apocalypse. Y'all better get on it now, ya hear?! 

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