Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A couple of zines recently received a la post, as reviewed by Steven Hughes Purkey

Zine Reviews of:

Gazorbnik by Robert Hand Ferry 
Baspmatic #10 by Josh Didriksen

Both of these fuckers are contributors to the latest Gag Me With A... zine & I  can see why we included them. Brilliant shit here. 

Baspmatic boasts "Glitch Concept Distraction Chic" & is almost entirely art, with just a stray poem popping its head onto a page here or there. Josh sent us a previous issue for review & we immediately asked him to submit to Gag Me. If y'all don't know what Glitch Art is, give it a one over here: 
I wish I could do some of the shit he does...I'd take up Glitch in a heartbeat...

Gazorbnik has no words at all, except the title & author on the cover. It's a rock n roll psychedelic journey through time & space constantly on the edge of chaos, yet somehow managing to maintain the cosmic order of things. Think acid flashback...with a hint of pop culture just to fuck with ya. I've been a fan of everything Robert does...from his comics to his art & music - this fucker's got it going on. As his wife once noticed, "Robert's a creative genius." Agreed. Really stunning images in here. Bravo. See for yourself:

Thank you for sending your work, fellas...


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