Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July Is International Zine Month ~ Smells Like Zine Spirit (& other top o' the pop hits!)

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Hey there, darling zine freaks & print fanatics, it's 12:12am on July 1st (that's just 12 minutes into this new day) & it's International Zine Month! We are so totes excited about the activities for this month-long event, we just couldn't wait to get started. 

In case you didn't know, the month of July is our month to shine...& have a 31 day party where zines are in the spotlight 24/7. There are 31+ amazing daily challenges to keep us zinesters busy during the dreaded summer each & every year - fantastic zine challenges from writing snail mail fan letters to other zinesters, reading your all time favorite zine (for the millionth time), buying radass shit from a new-to-you zine distro, to updating your own zinewiki! 

We have been excitedly counting down the days until July, this year...making a pact to try our dearly damnedest to complete each & every delicious daily event...& the extra super-crazy challenge of making a zine in one 24 hour period - we're zany for zines! 

So stay tuned, sparklehorsed zine snobs, 'cause we're not only gonna tackle each task with an eagerness for more more more zine shit, but we're gonna share the adventures with you here! Take a looksie at the list of activities & join in on the fun...DO try this at home!

For more info & how to get involved, clickity-click the links below! 

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