Thursday, July 03, 2014

IZM Day Two: Re-read your favorite zines!

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We recently had a catastrophic departure from our old living residence into some new digs &, to our dismay, lost everything - including all our beloved zines. Our personal zine library is gone. Slowly but surely, however, we've been collecting again & so this daily challenge was a bit sorrowful, to say the least. 

That said, however, we have received some great zines in the last few weeks & were able to chose a few that we really enjoyed! Here's the lowdown!

Steven: I decided to re-read one that we got not too long ago from Brown Recluse Zine Distro outta's an informative li'l thing called Li'l Dope Fiend Overdose Prevention Guide & it gives great advice, paired with comix-style illustrations, on what to do in case you or one of your drug buddies goes & ODs. ~ Sample from the zine: "Keep in mind that just because someone doesn't use needles it doesn't mean that they can't O.D. from pills (opiates, benzos), especially if combining with alcohol." This one was put out by San Francisco's in 2012 & they can be reached at ~ good for passing around to anyone who may not have access to or otherwise seek the info on their own...having this knowledge could def make the difference in saving someone's life!

Deirdree: Dirty July #2: Christy, by Melanie ~ I actually wrote a bloggy-blog post about re-reading my new favorite, a li'l review I hope you'll like as much as I liked the zine! Here's a tiny taste: 

"...little memories, Nirvana & RHCH & recording Bon Jovi CDs onto cassette tapes & the difficulty that became of life in '94 when Kurt offed himself.* It's about a friendship that started before there were concrete memories & the memories that came throughout the ensuing years. Little anecdotes, little snapshots of the '80s & '90s through the filter of two girls laughing & passing notes in class. & it's about her friend's death at such a young age. & the heartache..."

To read the whole review & get Melanie's contact info for a copy, please clickity-click this link! Deirdree Darling's Bloggy Blog!

If you'd like to help make our zine collection grow, grow, grow like the flowers of sassy springtime, please know that your contribution would be thouroughly appreciated & loved, loved, loved! & of course, we're always down to trade...  

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