Monday, July 07, 2014

International Zine Month ~ Friday-Sunday, Days Four, Five & Six!

Okay, we slacked all weekend & didn't get our homework done. But, here's the make-up! A 3-day weekend ultimate burst in one shitty li'l post! 

Day Four: Read a zine from a country other than your own

We only had three zines laying around that were not from the good ol' US of A ~ the brand new & tragically hip, Zine Nation #2 (Canada)...& those two li'l cutesy cute yet manly as all hell micros by Brix Skwikz (Brazil) those are what we read. 

First off, Zine Nation reviewed not 1, but 3 MC Sunflower Jones we love it!  Seriously, tho...this guy does reviews, interviews, & promotes zines as an art form that challenges the "mass media" status quo. & that is important, god damn it. Important to you, important to all of us in the zine community. Here's to more issues of Zine Nation! (Rumor has it that #1 came out 10 years ago!) We love that it is a print zine reviewing print zines...& we're in the company of friends as he also reviews issue 1-3 of Suicidal Goldfish (hi, Suemi!) & The Escapist Artist #10 (go, Jolie!) We recommend this zine review zine to all who love zines & wanna fresh read! Go buy it on Etsy at:

Next up is madman Brix Skwikz outta Brazil, who dazzles us with with 2 charming micro zines, chalk full of crazy drawings & thought-provoking snippets of pretty poetry. The outcome is often 
distressing & dour...yet wholeheartedly loveable! Brix is a maniac by definition & unstoppable by sheer heartwarming passion...& he's the nicest motherfucker you will ever have the pleasure of calling a friend. Trade zines with him & call him frequently, 'cause seriously guys...seriously. Steven reviewed these li'l gems awhile away to read all about 'em:  <3

Day Five: Teach yourself a new zine skill

Steven is keeping his new skill a secret until Gag Me 11:11 comes out...let's just say it involved figuring out a way to bind some fabric into a zine & we cannot wait for y'all to see it! Pre-order this occultishly darling 11:11 issue of Gag Me With A... & be the first on your block to see what curio techniques we've come up with!

Mary in the middle...
Deirdree's new skill is a sneaky peek of what will be in this radically esoteric issue of our comp zine...she got herself an exacto knife & went to town for this activity, teaching herself how to make a stencil (learning the in's & out's of this crazy zine technique from Australia's own zinester with the mostess, Tasha Nicholls of A Zine Thing)! It may not be perfect, this pentagram, but a practice run for the real deal & while the cutting was a cinch, the paint-application will need a bit of perfecting...perfecting that will be practiced on mail art aplenty: a warning to all with pending posts from MC Sunflower Jones, forrealz! <3

Day Six: Add your zine to or update your

Holy hell we have a lot of updating to do...& it's all in code? Sheeeit. Well, we got both of our personal pages pretty up-to-date with new descriptions & links & whatnot. Now to go back & fix up the page for Gag Me With A... & some of our other zines. & maybe an MC Sunflower Jones page? That'd be nice...real nice. But seriously, it's all in code? Does anyone know how to shrink a photo? In code? That'd totes make you our hero...ferrealz. If ya wanna check out what we've done go here: & here:

& now we're off for a smoke break, before getting down to business with today's activity...stay tuned, magick lovebunnies!

p.s. Thanks y'all...we love ya! <3

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