Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mini-Zine Shoutout! by Steven Hughes Purkey

Zines have been reviewed from left to right
I've been wanting to write these reviews for awhile...just something short & sweet & irresistible to the zine snob in you. But, alas, life gets hectic & it takes a disastrous cross country trip fueled by double-crossin' despair, followed by coming home to no home at all & all our rent money's what? So we hole up & finish projects that had since been quarantined for kennel cough & write write write! Tally ho, my dear confidant jujubeans...

I have in front of me a small collection of  4 mini zines by 3 different artists from around the globe...2 female genius visual artists & a Brazilian bro whose shit defies definition. I'm excited, so let's get some dirt on our hands & get y'all acquainted...yee-haw, guys & gals! & a yo ho ho & bottle o' robotussin dextromethorphan hydrobromide!

The Witness Protection Program Can be Very Lonely
My Safe House 
by Kathy Rudin

I'm actually not sure what the title of this li'l book is, as the mad hatter artist utilizes both words and visual art in a manner that would have the finest French busboys crying into their baguettes & snorting vinaigrette by shift's end...c'est vrai! But still, she tells a story...this one's about her day-to-day life as a CIA-society cast out & how much her dog means to her. I can understand the color &  feel the texture of the semi-heavyweight paper in my hands...& I too drink too much coffee, chainsmoking too many thoughts while the outside world becomes vicious from the internal conflict. Self-nullifying demons come from our heads, our very own skulls! So yeah...they live. 

Two Untitled Micro Zines
by Brix Skwikz

Do artists ever title their zines? I don't even fucking care...'cause these tiny black & white dancin' Magoos stand on their own. Each is bound by a single staple & contains alternating pages of lines from a poem & brilliantly primitive harsh line drawings accompanying the downright deplorable conditions of this poet's one-man lonely hearts club band...clearly bitter, yet deprived of any self-pity. Man, this guy has got it. A Brazilian who writes in English & draws in some long-gone galactical pictography of the spheres...  He's down for trades, too & I demand that you high horse stamp collectors send him some mail art...right away! (email up above for addy) & get to finding yourself delightfully dumbfounded by what the sheer power of headbanging will bring to your life. 

Rainbow Sludge
art by a'misa chiu 

In her own version of sheer acid tablet psychedelia, a'misa chiu brings us art that simply cannot be overlooked... We have one of her collage works hanging on our wall & I often find myself drawn to stargazing on its wonders. Same goes for this mini zine...full color spectrum full steam ahead, kindly laparoos! This is the life-force in essence, commanding respect, though in all fairness it is done is such a playful style, with the feel of an artist who loves to work...& she ain't trying to fool nobody - artlife 4 life & around we go again, suckers! I'll bet she can taste paint and tell you what shade of green it is...'tis the way she rolls. & you can want to be this good. It's good to have dreams.

To have your zines reviewed send me some shit & I'll mail you a pack of outdated Top Ramen coupons...& you may see your work here next time. So until then, li'l party monters, fight for you right & all that jazzercise! Tout de suite, womble dusters... ~Steven

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