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Whatchoo Wanna Do, G?

Forescore & seven years ago

LA Zine Fest 2Ol4
Sunday February the l6th 2Ol4
Helms Bakery, 8758 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, Cali  9OO34

The incredibly snazzy LA Zine Fest just announced via the abomidable Facebook ( that
You're In the Jungle, Baby...
applications for tabling at the 2Ol4 LA Zine Fest would be opened to the public at large October llth
Fucking hell, is that not the bee’s goddamn knees? It’s got our little sunglasses-at-night world in an uproarour zines, in some kinda incarnation of productions, have been at the previous two gigantically amazing events, tabling from the very first year & rubbing elbows with the finest of the silverware zines have to offer.

Little known fact: Steven came down from the pacific northwest to sunny Los Angeles in February to help li’l Deirdree sell their zines at this year’s event. & he missed his gloomy flight home. & he’s been here ever since. (thank g-d) <3

Tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow

San Diego Zine Fest
Sunday October the 6th
The Spot Barrio Logan! l835 Main Street, San Diego, California  92ll3
or maybe 
What Seems To Be the Problem, Officer?

For the very lst time in the history of the universe, San Diablo will have its very own Zine Fest! Woopty-woop, what what! When we first heard about it, we were totes excited to go. San Diego isn’t that far from Elle Aye, right? So we contacted them about how much a table would be. No response to that but we started getting a flood of emails regarding exhibitors & all that shit. When more & more details came out regarding the meta-background story to the event, our ride, the head of a rival zine gang, chickened out. So, no SDZF for usguess it just wasn’t in God’s merciful plan. But, as the music of the spheres would be played out, we heard about yet another Los Angeles area zine event

Guess who’s back?

Freeways Collide Presents: Zine Event! 
(we dunno the event’s official name)
Sunday November the lOth
Space l5 Twenty, l52O North Cahuenga Boulevard Hollyweird, California  9OO28

& this is one we def wanna be a part of. ‘Cause we had such a blast last July at their I(nternational) Z(ine) M(onth) event at
DUI, First Time Offender
Space l5 Twenty! Ferrealz, dearheart readers... We hopped a train from Long Beach to the tell-tale heart of the sparkling madness that is Hollyweird & in the sun-drenched sheer lunacy, found ourselves sharing a table with the one, the only, the original (& totes adorable!)
Suemi from Suicidal Goldfish (who we had previously met at the last LA Zine Fest & a contributor for Gag Moi #8). Color us pleased as pumpkin pie, gangstas. Fer shizzle. We also loved to see Daisy Noemi, darling friend-extraordinaire, were interviewed for Brodie Foster Hubbard’s podcast, The Shakeytown Radio Hour (, got to promote Gag Me With A #9 with the one & only grandiose & award-winning cover artist, Mr. Oscar Moreno (, & loaded LA Zine Fest’s lovely & bodacious, Bianca Barragan (always a joy to see!)loaded her down with a sampling of our zines, which she then muled into Tijuana for a zine fest. The response to our Joy Division Pocket Reader, apparently, was amazine! We met new zinesters, sold a shit ton of zines & had such a lovely time that we emailed Sara Todd this morning seeking a table for the next event in November. La-dee-motherfucking-dah.

Eastside Zine Market
Sunday December the 8th
Hazard Park Armory, l35O San Pablo Street, in the East side of LA, Cali  9OO33

& yet another zine event in LA! We emailed them seeking information on tabling & found out that registration starts sometime soon & that the wiz behind the curtain, Brother Adam, knows our zines & bought some of them at the last LA Zine Fest! How perfect. So we just emailed him back to see what’s up & get our foot in the proverbial cellar door for this goodie-looking market of zinedom. More to come as the plot thickens, darlingly dirtah hippies

Long Beach Record Show
Sunday October the 2Oth
737 Pine Avenue, in downtown Long Beach, Cali  9O8O2
We have our zines at this totes tubular record shoppe, Third Eye Records (, down on 4th street, in the amazingly
& Ya Don't Stop!
radass LBC. This place is hip with the titles they carry (only the most note-worthy shit), has darling vintage rags & old school band t-shirts & even an original E.T. wallet (Hanukkah! hint hint). I also really want some of the antiquated record boxes, dear readers... So anyways, every once in a while, they have like a vinyl trading & selling record show down on Pine Aveneue & the next one will be happening on October the 2Oth
like two weeks away! The cool-as-Lou-Reed shoppe owner invited us to table our zines at it & we took him up on it. Eagerly awaiting more details, all y’all, so keep your ears peeled!

9/11 Was An Inside Job

Stay tuned, fanclub leaders, as we will update you (& this site) when more shit is to be revealed& don’t forget, cutiepie rebel forces, only ~you~ can prevent forest fires! <3 <3 <3

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