Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Submit Your Shit!

Gag Me With A... is seeking submissions for Issue #lO!

Piggy Pow Pow!
Founded in January of 2Oll by Deirdree Prudence but really taking off in 2Ol2 with the addition of Steven Hughes Purkey as co-editor, Gag Me With A... is a kitschy-chic grunged out mess of a comp zine. & by mess, we mean fantastic spill of joy. Combining flash fiction, unfiction, visual art, micro poetry, reviews, rants, DIY tutorials & whatever the hell else pleases our fancy, Gag Moi finds contributors from all over the Milky Way, from the USA! to Neptune (true story). The maniacal mission we find ourselves on is to combine the best elements of all forms of art, from many different cultures, in a xenophiliac-groove. With cover artists from as far as the Ukraine & Argentina, we search the ends of the universe to bring you good shit. The best shit. Sub-cultural, pop-cultural, counter-cultural...the best of all worlds. All worlds that matter, that is. 

So now, dearheart lamb's tail readers...we want YOU. Yes, you. & you. (but not you over there). The fall issue is under way & the world needs your art. 

Send your best motherfuckin' unused works & any other junk you've got lying around to:
Deadline: Samhain October 3lst, 2Ol3

Do it now, pretty sugar lizards, do it for Joe Biden! Your therapist will thank you... <3

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