Thursday, October 03, 2013

E-zines are not zines! Read our blog!

We’ve always looked down on blogs...being print zine fanatics. After all, e-zines are most def not zines! But this is not an e-zine & this will not stop us from making zines out of paper & scissors & glue sticks & pretty pink staples.
E-zines are not zines!
No, dearheart readers, we’re hardcore...we’re in it ‘til the bitter end...DIY ‘til ya die!

So why are we doing this blog? Well, because we have more more more that we wanna say about zines & shit! More than we could ever keep up with in our zines. We make zines because we have to...we make art because we have to...we write because we have to...& there are more tales that need to be told, more to the story that you need to know about. That we need to tell you about. More more more...

Zines in progress. Zines getting finished & printed. Calls to submit by us & from other zines.
Happiness is a warm spoon...
Zine events
those we’re going to, those we’re tabling at, those we wish we could go to & those we don’t. Zine reviews. A behind the scenes look at whatever is going on in our world. What’s going on in the rest of the zine world.
& maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself smiling at our ramblings.

Big Brother may be reading this alongside you, but we hope to make him smile, as well.
Fuck Kinko's!

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