Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mini-Zine Shoutout! by Steven Hughes Purkey

Zines have been reviewed from left to right
I've been wanting to write these reviews for awhile...just something short & sweet & irresistible to the zine snob in you. But, alas, life gets hectic & it takes a disastrous cross country trip fueled by double-crossin' despair, followed by coming home to no home at all & all our rent money's what? So we hole up & finish projects that had since been quarantined for kennel cough & write write write! Tally ho, my dear confidant jujubeans...

I have in front of me a small collection of  4 mini zines by 3 different artists from around the globe...2 female genius visual artists & a Brazilian bro whose shit defies definition. I'm excited, so let's get some dirt on our hands & get y'all acquainted...yee-haw, guys & gals! & a yo ho ho & bottle o' robotussin dextromethorphan hydrobromide!

The Witness Protection Program Can be Very Lonely
My Safe House 
by Kathy Rudin

I'm actually not sure what the title of this li'l book is, as the mad hatter artist utilizes both words and visual art in a manner that would have the finest French busboys crying into their baguettes & snorting vinaigrette by shift's end...c'est vrai! But still, she tells a story...this one's about her day-to-day life as a CIA-society cast out & how much her dog means to her. I can understand the color &  feel the texture of the semi-heavyweight paper in my hands...& I too drink too much coffee, chainsmoking too many thoughts while the outside world becomes vicious from the internal conflict. Self-nullifying demons come from our heads, our very own skulls! So yeah...they live. 

Two Untitled Micro Zines
by Brix Skwikz

Do artists ever title their zines? I don't even fucking care...'cause these tiny black & white dancin' Magoos stand on their own. Each is bound by a single staple & contains alternating pages of lines from a poem & brilliantly primitive harsh line drawings accompanying the downright deplorable conditions of this poet's one-man lonely hearts club band...clearly bitter, yet deprived of any self-pity. Man, this guy has got it. A Brazilian who writes in English & draws in some long-gone galactical pictography of the spheres...  He's down for trades, too & I demand that you high horse stamp collectors send him some mail art...right away! (email up above for addy) & get to finding yourself delightfully dumbfounded by what the sheer power of headbanging will bring to your life. 

Rainbow Sludge
art by a'misa chiu 

In her own version of sheer acid tablet psychedelia, a'misa chiu brings us art that simply cannot be overlooked... We have one of her collage works hanging on our wall & I often find myself drawn to stargazing on its wonders. Same goes for this mini zine...full color spectrum full steam ahead, kindly laparoos! This is the life-force in essence, commanding respect, though in all fairness it is done is such a playful style, with the feel of an artist who loves to work...& she ain't trying to fool nobody - artlife 4 life & around we go again, suckers! I'll bet she can taste paint and tell you what shade of green it is...'tis the way she rolls. & you can want to be this good. It's good to have dreams.

To have your zines reviewed send me some shit & I'll mail you a pack of outdated Top Ramen coupons...& you may see your work here next time. So until then, li'l party monters, fight for you right & all that jazzercise! Tout de suite, womble dusters... ~Steven

write me for mailing details & shit:

All proceeds will be donated to Robert Hand Ferry



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

motherfucking sell-outs...

Starbucks don’t take foodstamps!
Do you sell your zines? Online? At shops? Distros, whatnot? We didn’t. At all. We totes used to, exclusively, occupy the “free-zines-for-the-people” camp, where putting a price on your art is selling out & we wouldn’t want that, now would we? Any zines that were sold were frowned upon, the price & the zine. We were “free zine” snobs to the max. & we know that some of you, dear readers, still are. But we def don’t wanna get into any debates here on free vs. sold, etc. ‘cause we can see both sides stillso listen up, our fellow Freegans, as we tell you all about how our lives got flipped turned upside down’cause selling is hard!

But now that we’ve become seller outs, we sure as hell wouldn’t have it any other way. Not because we actually make any money off this shit ‘cause we don’t, not reallynot even to keep ciggies in our mouths or keep up with the ever increasingly lame skyrocketing price of postage stamps & shit (but we sure as hell ain’t losing as much & going in the hole with every issue, that is) & we still give our shit away when the mood so strikes our fancypants. (Shhh!) But we wouldn’t have it any other way ‘cause we now get to see a much more clear line of demand for our zines. You know how awful it is when you don’t hear any feedback from your zines? You send out a bunch to friends, to people who trade, whatever& then there’re crickets. But now that we’re putting in the effort to peddle our wares?
Leavin' free shit around town...
We get to see that shops, distros, whatever: they want them. If they sell, we get to see that their customers? They want them. If it’s direct sales, like online purchases or at zine fests, you know these zinesters really really want them
not just takin’ the free shit (to be recycled in next Tuesday’s trash), but because they’re actually willing to fork over their hard-earned cash to get what we got.

Anyways, enough about that shitlet’s get to makin’ those dolla dolla bills, y’all!

How in the world is a small-time small-press zine artist supposed to get their shit sold? Well, here’s how these two zine makin’ machines did it: from the ground motherfucking up, dollfaces! From how we started at zine fests, to online shops, to the bee’s knees of owning a town. Like, literally, a whole city. (what, what?!)

Making bank at the IZM Event, July 2Ol3
Zine Fests, a go go: You know where they are. You know how to get there. You know the drill. But to actually table? You gotta know people & you gotta have shit to sell. So that’s what we did we made shit. Lots & lots of shit. Half table, a full table, the whole fucking auditorium. We weren’t even in the same state prepping for the LA Zine Fest last year, but luckily the same time zone, so when we finally got in the same room a week before it was all printin’ & collatin’ & staplin’ madness! & love love love! After all, what would zines be sans the looove?

Ahem, lovelyfaced chickadees, & on to the next one. Where were we? Ah yes, selling all this shit that we just pulled hot from the copy machineselling & selling & selling, shit gets old real fast, but ya put on yer friendliest smile & just enjoy chatting it up with your fellow zinesters. Zine fests are the best people are new to zines, old to zines, want your zines zines zines! So stock up & be prepared to talk shop! Or just be prepared to chat people up’cause most of the time, breaking the ice is the hardest thing to do - & shit gets awkward. But once you get them talkin’ about the zines they do like, you can talk about yours & pretty soon? Dolla dolla bills, y’all! & you’re putting smiles on other people’s faces as well (not just your own). Lots more to come on zine fests since we have like a billion coming up in the next few months! (we’ll be at the “fall zine event” in Hollyweird in November, the Eastside Zine Market in December & - fingers motherfuckin’ crossed our application is accepted! the LA Zine Fest in February!)

Le snazzylicious shoppe d’Etsy & all that jazz! 
Online shoppes & shit of that ilk: there’s a bunch of online cart shoppes, such as Etsy, which is the one we chosethese places let you throw a bunch of your shit up on their site & sell, all for a wee-bit of a fee (just keep in mind that a few cents here & there adds up to dollars outta your pocket when shit ain’t sellin’ & the rent’s due!) We were constantly told of sites like this but the fact that we can’t remember any of their names is why we went to EtsyI mean, who wants to buy from a virtual rickshaw?! People know Etsy & we like ‘em. Not only do zines fiends swarm there, being able to look up zines by category, but lovers of all things handmade appreciate what it takes to make these paper arts & are willing to take a chance as long as the shit ain’t too priceywhich we pride ourselves on having a very affordable suitcase of kisses & whatnot. But so yeah, once the items are on the site, you can go as you please & make more shit to put up! We literally sell our zines while we sleep! (braggart points: today we woke up to our biggest sale yet to the tune of 9 zines in one fell swoop! not a bad wake up call!) To order from Etsy shoppe click here, lovelybirds! Another thing we’re working on is making our zines purchasable on our own l’il sweetiepie show-off site c’est (click it or ticket!)  which used to be primarily for announcing new releases & keeping track of all the shit we’d done previously. Now we’re cashing in & adding the dreaded PayPal buttons all over the damn place, littering up what was a messy mess anyways, & le sighbut now you can throw our zines & shit in your shopping cart with the clickity-click & a squeak of a mouse! Yee haw, buttercups! Taking & uploading photos, writing delectable descriptions, pricing & formatting, oh my! Who knew cash-bartering on the interwebs could be so back-breaking on the admin! Down with capitalism!

Knock knock! Avon calling...
Door-to-door Desperados: & lastly, here’s how to take over a town. Your town. One mom & pop at a time! We became the much-loathed bell-ringing solicitors, hobbling from one indie record shoppe to the next local hipster clothing boutique, & every damn place in between. We mean it: ever single little hole in the wall. Art galleries to vintage shoe shiners, from punk rock skate shoppes to greeting card kiosks. We harassed the best (& worst) of ‘em. & you never know who’s gonna say yes. & we got a whole lotta NOs, too! But all the yes, please!-s made it all worth it. & MC Sunflower Jones is now littered amongst the goods of not four but FIVE shops all across Long Beachfrom Third Eye Records down on Retro Row to Fingerprints Music & Elev8 in the East Village Arts District to Top Sekoms Skate Shop on 4th & up the ghetto boulevard to the leopard-print haired old-schoolers catering to the punkers & metal heads at No Regrets. Our zines can now be found amongst fishnet stockings, tongue piercers, vintage pulp paperbacks & elitist socio-political hardcovers, sugarskull shower curtains, custom skate deck artists & the hippest vinyl & uber-chic classy threadsthat’s right, we run this town, whichever corner you find yourself. Next stop: the Masonic Temple in Hollyweird!

Suitcase of kisses...for sale, sold!
Selling at shops is really hard work, yo. At least when they sell. & sell out. Weekly. By consignment or outright buying, you only get paid when shit is stocked. So you gotta make your rounds with each new zine you create & back issues aplenty. Which means tons of reprinting, cutting, collating, stapling & pounding the pavement from shoppe to shoppe. It means a ton of time spent on earning a few bucks...but the glistening & pompous sweat is worth it: each shoppe will have stories of customers with excited bug-eyes for your art, each dollar in your hand is another satisfied lover of YOUR work. & you might even be able to afford the costly caffeine & nicotine habits which put this whole happy obsession into play.

So yeah, after all this, ya still wanna sell your zines?

Do it, we dare ya, chickenheaded hipsters!

ps: one of our shoppes, the awesomely cool as Lou Reed, Third Eye Records, wants more zines & has asked us to put out a call to our friends that’s YOU, darling whoseewhatsits! What kinda zines? The zines YOU make! Art zines, perzines, comp zines, music zines your zines! Email us for details & we’ll get you in the door Be there or be a motherfucking squaredypants!

Blow the whistle!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Submit Your Shit!

Gag Me With A... is seeking submissions for Issue #lO!

Piggy Pow Pow!
Founded in January of 2Oll by Deirdree Prudence but really taking off in 2Ol2 with the addition of Steven Hughes Purkey as co-editor, Gag Me With A... is a kitschy-chic grunged out mess of a comp zine. & by mess, we mean fantastic spill of joy. Combining flash fiction, unfiction, visual art, micro poetry, reviews, rants, DIY tutorials & whatever the hell else pleases our fancy, Gag Moi finds contributors from all over the Milky Way, from the USA! to Neptune (true story). The maniacal mission we find ourselves on is to combine the best elements of all forms of art, from many different cultures, in a xenophiliac-groove. With cover artists from as far as the Ukraine & Argentina, we search the ends of the universe to bring you good shit. The best shit. Sub-cultural, pop-cultural, counter-cultural...the best of all worlds. All worlds that matter, that is. 

So now, dearheart lamb's tail readers...we want YOU. Yes, you. & you. (but not you over there). The fall issue is under way & the world needs your art. 

Send your best motherfuckin' unused works & any other junk you've got lying around to:
Deadline: Samhain October 3lst, 2Ol3

Do it now, pretty sugar lizards, do it for Joe Biden! Your therapist will thank you... <3

Monday, October 07, 2013

Shout Out & Cheerleading With Pom Poms & Shit! Rah Rah Rah!

Sweet Candy Distro. What can we say about it except: Love Love Looove! Hailing straight outta Oly, Washington state - Sage Adderley is the mastermind goddess behind the curtain of Sweet Candy & is the cat's rowr. Really, she is beyond pecan pie. Distro'ing only the best of the bestest zines. & now? She's a motherfucking Press, too! Releasing Taryn “Lady Teeth” Hipp’s Heavy Hangs the Head this summer, Sarah “Punk Joan of Arc” Rose’s Everybody Else’s Girl this fall with tons more rock star adventures to come! She’s a renaissance gal & now?

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

She’s disto’ing some of MC Sunflower Jones’ ghoulishious titles! It’s a love affair forrealz. MC Sunflower Jones has a big zine crush on Sweet Candy & so should you, darling readers! Like her Facebook page:

& go to her website & buy some some shit!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Gag Moi #9 Judged Before A Jury Of Its Peers!

Looksie here, cutiepie knickers...we got motherfuckin' reviewed! Gag Me With A... contributor, Kari Tervo (of Beverly Hills fame), threw down some nice words regarding issue #9 & we can't seem to wipe the smirky smirks off our faces. She's got a snazzy new blog, you see, & weekly reviews are gonna be out of this world, if the first week is anything to show. Her blog will be updated every when you have no where to go, no one to see (& we know this is like, every Friday, lovely pandas), head on over to Pop Culture Beast & take a peek at Kari's mad blogging skills! Those of you with zines of your own - send 'em her way! & remember, kids...e-zines are not zines! <3

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Whatchoo Wanna Do, G?

Forescore & seven years ago

LA Zine Fest 2Ol4
Sunday February the l6th 2Ol4
Helms Bakery, 8758 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, Cali  9OO34

The incredibly snazzy LA Zine Fest just announced via the abomidable Facebook ( that
You're In the Jungle, Baby...
applications for tabling at the 2Ol4 LA Zine Fest would be opened to the public at large October llth
Fucking hell, is that not the bee’s goddamn knees? It’s got our little sunglasses-at-night world in an uproarour zines, in some kinda incarnation of productions, have been at the previous two gigantically amazing events, tabling from the very first year & rubbing elbows with the finest of the silverware zines have to offer.

Little known fact: Steven came down from the pacific northwest to sunny Los Angeles in February to help li’l Deirdree sell their zines at this year’s event. & he missed his gloomy flight home. & he’s been here ever since. (thank g-d) <3

Tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow

San Diego Zine Fest
Sunday October the 6th
The Spot Barrio Logan! l835 Main Street, San Diego, California  92ll3
or maybe 
What Seems To Be the Problem, Officer?

For the very lst time in the history of the universe, San Diablo will have its very own Zine Fest! Woopty-woop, what what! When we first heard about it, we were totes excited to go. San Diego isn’t that far from Elle Aye, right? So we contacted them about how much a table would be. No response to that but we started getting a flood of emails regarding exhibitors & all that shit. When more & more details came out regarding the meta-background story to the event, our ride, the head of a rival zine gang, chickened out. So, no SDZF for usguess it just wasn’t in God’s merciful plan. But, as the music of the spheres would be played out, we heard about yet another Los Angeles area zine event

Guess who’s back?

Freeways Collide Presents: Zine Event! 
(we dunno the event’s official name)
Sunday November the lOth
Space l5 Twenty, l52O North Cahuenga Boulevard Hollyweird, California  9OO28

& this is one we def wanna be a part of. ‘Cause we had such a blast last July at their I(nternational) Z(ine) M(onth) event at
DUI, First Time Offender
Space l5 Twenty! Ferrealz, dearheart readers... We hopped a train from Long Beach to the tell-tale heart of the sparkling madness that is Hollyweird & in the sun-drenched sheer lunacy, found ourselves sharing a table with the one, the only, the original (& totes adorable!)
Suemi from Suicidal Goldfish (who we had previously met at the last LA Zine Fest & a contributor for Gag Moi #8). Color us pleased as pumpkin pie, gangstas. Fer shizzle. We also loved to see Daisy Noemi, darling friend-extraordinaire, were interviewed for Brodie Foster Hubbard’s podcast, The Shakeytown Radio Hour (, got to promote Gag Me With A #9 with the one & only grandiose & award-winning cover artist, Mr. Oscar Moreno (, & loaded LA Zine Fest’s lovely & bodacious, Bianca Barragan (always a joy to see!)loaded her down with a sampling of our zines, which she then muled into Tijuana for a zine fest. The response to our Joy Division Pocket Reader, apparently, was amazine! We met new zinesters, sold a shit ton of zines & had such a lovely time that we emailed Sara Todd this morning seeking a table for the next event in November. La-dee-motherfucking-dah.

Eastside Zine Market
Sunday December the 8th
Hazard Park Armory, l35O San Pablo Street, in the East side of LA, Cali  9OO33

& yet another zine event in LA! We emailed them seeking information on tabling & found out that registration starts sometime soon & that the wiz behind the curtain, Brother Adam, knows our zines & bought some of them at the last LA Zine Fest! How perfect. So we just emailed him back to see what’s up & get our foot in the proverbial cellar door for this goodie-looking market of zinedom. More to come as the plot thickens, darlingly dirtah hippies

Long Beach Record Show
Sunday October the 2Oth
737 Pine Avenue, in downtown Long Beach, Cali  9O8O2
We have our zines at this totes tubular record shoppe, Third Eye Records (, down on 4th street, in the amazingly
& Ya Don't Stop!
radass LBC. This place is hip with the titles they carry (only the most note-worthy shit), has darling vintage rags & old school band t-shirts & even an original E.T. wallet (Hanukkah! hint hint). I also really want some of the antiquated record boxes, dear readers... So anyways, every once in a while, they have like a vinyl trading & selling record show down on Pine Aveneue & the next one will be happening on October the 2Oth
like two weeks away! The cool-as-Lou-Reed shoppe owner invited us to table our zines at it & we took him up on it. Eagerly awaiting more details, all y’all, so keep your ears peeled!

9/11 Was An Inside Job

Stay tuned, fanclub leaders, as we will update you (& this site) when more shit is to be revealed& don’t forget, cutiepie rebel forces, only ~you~ can prevent forest fires! <3 <3 <3

Thursday, October 03, 2013

E-zines are not zines! Read our blog!

We’ve always looked down on blogs...being print zine fanatics. After all, e-zines are most def not zines! But this is not an e-zine & this will not stop us from making zines out of paper & scissors & glue sticks & pretty pink staples.
E-zines are not zines!
No, dearheart readers, we’re hardcore...we’re in it ‘til the bitter end...DIY ‘til ya die!

So why are we doing this blog? Well, because we have more more more that we wanna say about zines & shit! More than we could ever keep up with in our zines. We make zines because we have to...we make art because we have to...we write because we have to...& there are more tales that need to be told, more to the story that you need to know about. That we need to tell you about. More more more...

Zines in progress. Zines getting finished & printed. Calls to submit by us & from other zines.
Happiness is a warm spoon...
Zine events
those we’re going to, those we’re tabling at, those we wish we could go to & those we don’t. Zine reviews. A behind the scenes look at whatever is going on in our world. What’s going on in the rest of the zine world.
& maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself smiling at our ramblings.

Big Brother may be reading this alongside you, but we hope to make him smile, as well.
Fuck Kinko's!